What is private labeling?

Private labeling means adding your logo to our non-branded products – components and boxes. Private labeling allows you to position yourself on the market in a professional manner, and compare against the major brand names with confidence.

How much does it cost to put my logo on your packaging?

We require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 60 pieces of the same style package/component (mix and match shades to equal 60).  All stock orders must also meet a minimum of $500.

  • A one-time fee of $200 (one color) per component to produce your logo plate.
    • Note: Your order may require multiple plates due to different component sizes and/or logo colors.
  • The set-up fee is $50 per component per order for every run.
    • Note: Your order may require multiple plates due to different component sizes and/or logo colors.
  • The print fee is $0.35 per item per order, for every run.
  • Boxes are available for $0.30 per item.
    • Logos can be added using the same plate as product
      • The set-up fee is $50 per component per order, for every run.
      • The print fee is $0.35 per item per order, for every run.

To determine the cost of each product, you must register for an account by speaking to a MUMC customer service representative to create an account profile.  See our How to Order Page.  Once an account profile has been created, we can share pricing and estimates with you.

Who do you sell to?

Our clients are made up of retailers, salons, makeup artists, and makeup enthusiasts. We do not share client names due to confidentiality.

Hot Stamp, Filling, and Customizing

How do I submit artwork and logos?

We require your final artwork in vector format. We will send you a computer-generated layout of your logo on the products you have chosen to order. If you are unsure about what format you have, our experts can look at it.

We will recreate a simple logo in vector format for a $50.00 charge. If the logo is complex, we will need to quote the hours for recreation ($75.00 first hour, $50.00 Additional Hour). The same fee applies for logo creation from new development. Our marketing experts will design 3 concept submissions with max of two adjustments. You will be able to keep and use the files for their own use. Allow up to two weeks for this to be completed.

What logo colors do you offer?

We offer black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, copper, red bronze, and bronze available in-house.

Custom colors may be available for an additional fee and increased MOQ. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Product Info

Are your products cruelty-free?

We do not test on animals. We can provide you with our Animal Testing Statement upon request once you are set up as a customer.

Are your products natural?

The term “natural” is not legally defined and not regulated by an authority or governing body within the United States. Please share your definition of natural beauty with your sales representative and we will confirm with our regulatory team.

Are your products organic?

We do not classify our products as organic. Please note that the FDA does not define or regulate the term organic as it applies to cosmetics, body care or personal care products.

Are your products vegan?

We do not identify as vegan. However, certain products within our portfolio do not contain animal derived materials. Please contact your sales representative for a complete list. In some cases we can substitute an animal derived material for a synthetic material (ex: beeswax vs. synthetic beeswax).

Do you identify as a clean beauty manufacturer?

We are committed to providing our customers with quality formulations which will include natural and synthetic ingredients. We choose high-quality ingredients based on formula compatibility and functionality resulting in high performance products.

How accurate are your product colors/swatches that can be seen on your website?

Variances among computer or phone screens and printed materials  cannot be controlled. The colors that appear on your screen, the product catalog and our charts may not be entirely identical to the product. These swatches are to be used as guides. We suggest ordering samples if you are unsure.


As our customer, you are responsible for observing and complying with all packaging, labeling, advertising, marketing, product identification, and product information/regulations. Make Up My Cosmetics accepts no liability for claims resulting from the non-compliance with these requirements.

Payment and Shipping

What is your payment policy?

A 50% deposit is required with any order, with the remaining balance due upon shipping.

1.5% credit card fee on all orders (excludes debit cards).

All international orders require payments via wire transfer.

*Additional services require extra time and fees*

Where do you ship?

Products can be shipped globally.

How much do you charge for shipping

Clients are responsible for all shipping costs. Freight costs will vary based on weight, distance, and method of shipping (air vs. ground). Freight charges will be provided when your order is ready to ship.