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A Global Leader In Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing

Stacking-Lip-Gloss-1024x682About Make Up My Cosmetics

Make Up My Cosmetics offers a complete design, development, and manufacturing service to leading companies in the beauty products sector. Through continuous growth and expansion, Make Up My Cosmetics products are now sold on four continents. Our products are designed for every race, gender, and age; and they are found in high-end department stores, home shopping networks, and many private companies. We are renowned for providing innovative products, consistent quality, and attention to detail. Make Up My Cosmetics provides the finest private label mineral makeup, cosmetic components, brushes, and cosmetic displays.

Product Benefits

Each product manufactured by Make Up My Cosmetics is developed for the global market and is compliant with FDA regulations. Our products contain only the highest grade ingredients. No harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used,” It is make-up so healthy you can sleep in it.” Our products are designed for sensitive skin and are ophthalmologist tested. Make Up My Cosmetics products are never tested on animals.

Customized Benefits

“Give beauty a name, yours.” We will provide you with a private labeling of your company logo on our stocked inventory products. Additionally, we offer custom color and formula development tailored specifically to your requirements on quantities as low as 300 – 500 items per shade; because we know your success is our success.” We are truly interested in building your brand and a long-term successful relationship.


Custom Packaging

Make Up My Cosmetics has the ability to extend to our customers uniquely engineered packaging that can be developed exclusively for your brand. We have partnered with factories in Asia that design and manufacture packaging for products such as lip gloss, lipstick, compacts, jars, mascaras, novelty items, and much more. All of the factories have been inspected and approved for the US and European markets. We are also pleased to provide customers with an extensive array of standard packaging selections that have been designed to provide state-of-the-art packaging options. These orders are facilitated immediately.

Private Label Cosmetics

Join Our Team

We want to invite you to join the world of Make Up My Cosmetics and discover how our cutting edge company can provide you with the best possible customer service and creative solutions for your specific needs. We would like to hear from you so that we can accommodate to your requests and offer you more of what you desire. Our goal is to develop cosmetic brands and establish customer loyalty, one customer at a time.